Research Dissertations

AUOL PhD Research Dissertations

Dissertation Title Author School Date
Corporate Social Responsibility YAZEED SAGAR AL MOHAMMAD Business & IT Nov 2015
Customer satisfaction in total quality management FUNDA KANTAR Business & IT Jan 2000
Leadership & Organization RA`ED I. AL-RAIMOUNY Business & IT Jan 2000
A market profile for multinational companies ABBAS REYAHI Business & IT Mar 2000
Egyptian protection of human rights under states of emergency – Consideration under national and international law ABDELSALAM A. MOHAMED Law Apr 2000
Secondary school headteachers leadership styles and their implications for school improvement (a research study in context of Pakistan) FAROOQ AHMED KUNWAR Education & Liberal Arts Sep 2000
Employment policies and labour market organization in Palestine WALEED E. KAMEL SOBHI Business & IT Dec 2000
Effects of the offshore banking units (OBU’s) and their impacts on economy HAMZA AHMED A. AL-SAGGAF Business & IT Jan 2001
Total Consumer Satisfaction (TCS) – A proposed approach within the healthcare industry context OSAMA SABER MOSTAFA Business & IT Sep 2001
Jerusalem in international law: a political case study OMAR A. M. RIFAI Business & IT Sep 2001
The prevalence of international sourcing in shaping the inventory policy of a Saudi firm NAZIH ABDUL RAHMAN KALO Business & IT Sep 2001
The future of collective security under international changes ABDULELLAH SALEH AL-MAHMOUD Business & IT Dec 2001
International Strategies in financing women’s small scale enterprises in Sudan NAJIEH IBRAHIM AL-HALABI Business & IT Dec 2001
Study about life assurance TARIQ AHMED AL-WADAANI AL-DOSSARY Business & IT Dec 2001
The Star Connected Cycles (SCC) network topology ASHRAF BAHA EDDIN HASAN ABDUL JEBAIN Business & IT Jan 2002
Public relations and its role in the improvement and development of management (exploratory study) LOAI HASAN OMAR MANSOUR AL-HAZMI Business & IT Jan 2002
Enron: lessons learned THEODORE R. SARES Business & IT Jan 2002
Awareness of Saudi manufacturing companies to the total quality management (exploratory study) KHALID MOHAMMED AL-KHADER Business & IT Jan 2002
Labour intensive industries in Saudi Arabia KHALID MOHAMMED ABDUL SALAM SALEH Business & IT Jan 2002
The effective training for the rental sales agent at avis/hala company Riyadh – Saudi Arabia AYMN HABASH Business & IT Jan 2002
Management in the age of technology change HAMEED ABDUL RAHMAN BAHMAN Business & IT Feb 2002
High speed network technology – The relation between network and business. How can Network Improve Business Strategy, Performance, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Profitability? MOHAMMED HASAN AZAZMEH Business & IT Mar 2002
The historical development of world trade & the position of American international business in the world economy ELTIGANI ABDUL FARAG BRAMA Business & IT Jun 2002
The legal aspects of foreign investments in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia MOHAMED AHMED TAHIR Law Jun 2002
Effectiveness of various methods used to develop the first line managers’ skills in small enterprises in Egypt KHALED ALY GHOBASHY Business & IT Sep 2002
Highway failure and maintenance (flexible and rigid pavement) SHARIF MOHAMED IBRAHIM Business & IT Sep 2002
Leadership styles in public enterprises (the case of the Saudia) HUSAM ADEL MOHAMMED ATA ELYAS Business & IT Oct 2002
Business by development – How to put the pieces together THEOPHILUS COMLAN VODOUNOU Business & IT Oct 2002
Leadership in management (exploratory study) ABDULAZIZ ABDULRAHMAN AL-HASSAN Business & IT Oct 2002
The role of technology in integrated logistics & supply chain network management – Emphasis on pharmaceutical and electronics sectors in Turkey S. W. AHMAD Business & IT Oct 2002
Politics and smut a political history of Treutlen County, Georgia PAUL JOSEPH LESLIE Jr. Humanities Nov 2002
Influence of communication between nurse and patient on the level of patient’s anxiety MAYA SINNO Business & IT Nov 2002
Applications security in an enterprise environment HACHEM IBRAHIM YASSINE Business & IT Dec 2002
Development, human rights and corruption in the Arab states SHAZA ZAFER AL-JUNDI Humanities Jan 2003
Saudi youth attitude towards working in hotel industry: A field study in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ABDULLAH SAAD AL OBAID Humanities Jan 2003
Effectiveness of training systems in international hotel chains MAY ISSA ALI Business & IT Feb 2003
Cross-cultural management of teams – An effective strategy? AHMED A. RAHMAN BAHMAN Business & IT Feb 2003
Legislative drafting: A Twenty-First Century approach MUHAMMAD MAJIBAR RAHMAN Business & IT Mar 2003
CTC Group – The iterative journey towards excellence FARID RAMZI HADDAD Business & IT Apr 2003
Analysis of theoretical and contemporary product positioning issues and strategies in competitive market conditions ROBERT NCHOGA OENGA Business & IT May 2003
Hospitality and the tourist of the future MAGDY OSMAN FARRAG Business & IT May 2003
The implications of overspending on the middle class family budget in Sub Saharan Africa ALI MOHAMMAD SALIM Humanities May 2003
The importance of integration of accounting & financial management in small business ABDELLATIF AHMED ABDELMUTALIB Business & IT Jun 2003
A comparative study between womens’ role in translated Arabic & English literature: A study of: “The Trilogy” by Naguid Mahfuz & “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen LAMYA FOUAD ABDEL HAMID RAMADAN English Jul 2003
The United Nations – An instrument of peace NADA S. AL MUTAWA Humanities Sep 2003
Inter-company transactions process in a group of companies through integrated online system, with inbuilt controls and preset parameters GUTTULA NAGESWARA RAO Business & IT Sep 2003
Agricultural machinery performance against the quality of preventive maintenance in Hail area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MUBARAK ABBAKER SULIEMAN OMER Business & IT Oct 2003
Management in English as a Foreign Language PIOTR PRZEMYSLAW JEDNASZEWSKI English Nov 2003
The effectiveness of a task-based approach in teaching English for Occupational Purposes (EOP): A case study in teaching EOP for in-service technicians GAMAL ADELFATTAH AHMAD SHEHATTAH English Nov 2003
Neo-corporatist techniques of decision-making in Belgian industrial relations JAN LOUIS ROMBOUTS Humanities Nov 2003
The impact of culture on international business-to-business marketing in Tunisia MARC JEAN-MARIE BRANDONE Business & IT Nov 2003
U.S. policy in Bosnia-Herzegovina,1992-1995 VLADO AZINOVIC Business & IT Dec 2003
Self-concept for students’ practice team sports in Dammam, Saudi Arabia HASSAN A. ALAMRI Humanities Jan 2004
The role of management techniques in enhancing viable competition MOHAMED MUFTAH MASOUD HASSAN Business & IT Jan 2004
Financial sector erformance Pakistan SHAHARYAR AKBAR Business & IT Jan 2004
Mobile telecommunications evolution of GSM/GPRS to 3G SOUHEIL M. NASSER Business & IT Feb 2004
Principles of European contract law and Latvian law PETERIS PUTNINS Law Mar 2004
Assessing the management capabilities of non governmental organizations in Egypt TAISSIR MOHAMED HANAFY HOSAM ELDIN Business & IT Mar 2004
Return on management and its effect on bottom line PIERRE AKL ABDO Business & IT Mar 2004
The role of new health care manager in encouraging creativity NAHIYA AWADA Business & IT Apr 2004
Philosophy of powers effectiveness in the interior design AZZAM ABDU ASSALAM NOORI AL-BAZZAZ Humanities May 2004
Report on gender and development: concepts and implementation-a case study of Egypt MAHITAB A. R. MEKKAWI Humanities May 2004
A qualitative study on Malaysian leaders’view: personal qualities and skills needed by leaders in small business organizations TIONG CHIONG MING Business & IT May 2004
Tourism and the correlation of Unemployment and GDP in Jordan and other Middle Eastern nations DIETMAR KIELNHOFER Business & IT May 2004
The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 – Able to deal with the plights of residential long leaseholders? JUDE OKWUDIRI NZEAKO Law Jun 2004
The impact of administrative and financial corruption on sustainable development MOHAMMAD YAHIA ALSAIDI Business & IT Jun 2004
The design report of the proposed blue nile hotel ABDELMUTI MUSA MUHAMMED EL-SHERIEF Humanities Aug 2004
Investment mobilization in Africa (new prospects for economics growth and development) ALI SHAMEKH Business & IT Aug 2004
Localization of Information Technology jobs in Saudi Arabia SAEED M QAHTANI Business & IT Aug 2004
Information systems development in hospitals AMANI AHMED MAHMOUD ALI Business & IT Sep 2004
Intercultural dialogue – New parameters for development? ANNA-CHRISTINE JANKE Humanities Sep 2004
Generate financial transactions from intercompany activities parallel to debtors’ process GUTTULA NAGESWARA RAO Business & IT Oct 2004
Interventional cardiology and peripheral market analysis MAHER E. AFANA Business & IT Oct 2004
The role of psychologists in the detection of malingering in neck and back injury claims- a structured, multi-faceted diagnostic approach ROBERT SPENCER OAKES Humanities Oct 2004
Project Management for EPC Contracts CLIFFORD WYNDHAM THOMAS Business & IT Oct 2004
The price earning ratio (EPR) model the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stock market TARIQ I HALAWANI Business & IT Nov 2004
BIOGEN “A biotech generics pharmaceuticals, inc: Creating a DNA based pharmaceutical company for the rapidly expanding Biopharmaceutical Industry” HATIM JAMIL MUKHTAR Business & IT Nov 2004
Social engineering MOSLET M. AL-OTAIBI Business & IT Dec 2004
Cooperative training in commercial secondary institutes in Saudi Arabia “present status and future perspective” MOBARAK MOHAMMAD ALTAMI ALMASRADI Business & IT Jan 2005
Assessment of comprehensive operation system of public hospitals of Saudi ministry of health AHMAD TRAHEEB BAYYEN AL MEHIDLI Business & IT Jan 2005
People-centered leadership: developing people in organizations and groups RAKESH PETER DASS Business & IT Jan 2005
The role of human resource management in developing business firms’s competitive strategies. Field study FATHIA A.A. AGDURA Business & IT Jan 2005
The impact of finance on the performance of the business firms in the privat sector. Field study on Libyan companies GIBREL R. ABDALLA Business & IT Jan 2005
The role of quality cost system in total quality management. Field study MAILUD A.S. ELAHBAEDI Business & IT Jan 2005
Factors affecting quality of professional performance of auditing SAMEER ABDUL-RASHEED AL-JARADI Business & IT Jan 2005
Pschylogy interpreting visions FAHD SAUD AL-OSAIMY Humanities Jan 2005
The role of internal aduditing to enhance the performance in private business firms ( case study) WALID BASHER A. KRAIMA Business & IT Jan 2005
An investigation of the human resource factor in the management of automation in selected academic libraries in Kenya PETER GITHANGA MWATHI Business & IT Jan 2005
Introduction to wireless lan MOHAMMED A. ALDAWOOD Business & IT Jan 2005
Urdu in Britain with special reference to the 20th century ANWAR UL-AZIZ KHAN Education & Liberal Arts Jan 2005
Ghana’s view of international relations. It`s president’s chairmanship of ecowas as a case study VERONICA SHARON BOAKYE KUFUOR Business & IT Feb 2005
Legitimating values, knowledge and skills in international education LAWRENCE BURKE Education & Liberal Arts Feb 2005
The role of the auditor general chamber in development projects audit a case study and analysis in Sudan ELGAYLI AWAD MUSTAFA Business & IT Mar 2005
Democracy and sustainable economic development in Africa : The quest for effectiveness and legitimacy in governance MOHAMED SID AHMED SATTI Business & IT Apr 2005
Executive coaching for professional organizations LAURENT RENARD Humanities Apr 2005
Agricultural machinery performance against the applied maintenance system in Assalaya sugar factory, Sudan MUBARAK ABBAKER SULIEMAN OMER Business & IT Apr 2005
The impact of world economic systems economic policies on developing countries SALIM ALI ABDULRAHMAN Business & IT May 2005
Strategic human resource management LOAI I. HALAWANI Business & IT May 2005
Usage of change approach in developing the intermediate health college (IHC): the case study of (IHC) for girls in al-madina al-minawara MADIHA ABDEL-MEGID HASSAN Education & Liberal Arts Jun 2005
Intertextualities as translational dilemmatic potentialities: Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry as an example HANI ALKUTEIFAN English Jun 2005
Forest management and protection as an environmental education didactic item in greek elementary school classes NIKOLAOS GKOUNTOURAS Business & IT Jul 2005
Total quality management within the manufacturing context SALEH A. AL-GHAMDI Business & IT Jul 2005
Saudi, Islamic and international commercial arbitration OTHMAN KHALID OTHMAN AL-OTAIBI Law Jul 2005
Business enterprise-how should a choice be made between alternative investments in modern finance MAGDY OSMAN FARRAG Business & IT Aug 2005
Economic sanctions as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy: the case of the U.S. embargo against Cuba HELEN OSIEJA Business & IT Aug 2005
Exploration of the tendency and approach in e-commerce versus traditional commerce in Jordan MOHANNAD NAJEEB SAHAWNEH Business & IT Aug 2005
A study of the significance of standardization on health care in Saudi Arabia and its impact on the community: a case study of the success of Saudi aramco medical services organization`s (SAMSO) clinical laboratory services division (CLSD) in obtaining an international accreditation AHMED MOHAMMED ALSHAHRI Humanities Sep 2005
Styles of strategic behavior of administrative leaders Iraqi ministry of culture WATHIQ A. HINDO Business & IT Sep 2005
The role of the integrated marketing studies in the success of the industrial feasibility studies for the investment projects on the national and international levels, and the marketing studies integration with the other components of the feasibility studies for its perfection MAGED MOHAMMED BALIGH MOHAMMED YOUSSEF Business & IT Sep 2005
Enhancement of relations between Brunei and Iran HAJI ABDULLAH HANIF H.S. Business & IT Oct 2005
The personal biases and experiences of scientists through the centuries affected the approach, timing, outcome and acceptance of scientific study, therefore the study of theory by non-science majors should be conducted within the context of personal and social history RANDI MCILHANY FASS Education & Liberal Arts Oct 2005
Impact of brand image on buying decision AYMAN JAMEEL NAKSHBANDI Business & IT Oct 2005
The media coverage of the second gulf war in Iraq: A comparative study between the westernmediacoverage & the arab media coverage of the war DALIA SALEH Humanities Nov 2005
Communicating for expatriate productivity: the unifying role of super-ordinate goal theory in the case of a global telecommunication turn-key project DANIEL B. MURTEZA Business & IT Dec 2005
Ayatollahs and mullahs: the international impact of revolutionary iran and the teliban in Afghanistan KAREEM MAHMOUD KAMEL Humanities Dec 2005
The human resources scorecard measuring the return on investment (roi) HELMY ELSAYED ISMAIL Business & IT Dec 2005
Organization aspects on information systems security and DBMS on managing data KASEJA M. KABAKA Business & IT Jan 2006
Studying distance education through the internet EMAD HELMY Business & IT Jan 2006
Adjusting the learning of the English language to the parameters of Hebrew speakers ILANA PLAUT Education & Liberal Arts Jan 2006
Evaluation of the effectiveness of human resources information systems in facing workforce contemporary challenges, an applied study on mansoura university in A.R.E MAGDY KHALIL DAWOUD FARG Business & IT Jan 2006
Nationalization of law enforcement in the united states DANIEL GILLIANA Law Jan 2006
The structure of Islamic criminal law and it’s applications in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia ABDULRAHMAN GH. ALSHAHRY Law Feb 2006
The phenomena of real flame fires: a qualitative investigation of personal meaning attributed to the experience of real flame fires, with special reference to psychological and emotional well-being PETER LONG Humanities Feb 2006
Modern versus traditional teaching strategies ALINE NASSAR ABU ASSALY Education & Liberal Arts Feb 2006
Effective management in the global system FADL HASSAN OSMAN Business & IT Feb 2006
Integrating business and IT strategy for competitive advantage SHAWKI ABDULRAOOF AL-SINAN Business & IT Mar 2006
The role of international organizations in combating corruption in third world countries NADA S. AL MUTAWA Business & IT Mar 2006
The role of the internet in EFL/ESL classroom MUSA HAMID ALI MOHAMMED English Mar 2006
Benefiting from occupational performance appraisal in private and public sector in Saudi Arabia (a comparative study ) MOHAMED ABDULRAHMAN ALMADANI Business & IT Mar 2006
Belief in one God, present-day visions and revelations- mark of the African religious belief irrespective of religion PATRICK OSUNDE FOGBEL Humanities Apr 2006
An investigation into job satisfaction and motivation of teachers in Jeddah public girls’ chools ELHAM HASAN LINJAWI Business & IT May 2006
Market entry strategies in developing countries MAHMOUD FAROUK ISMAIL Business & IT May 2006
The importance of human resources functions in large organizations in Saudi Arabia DARBI GHURMALLAH DARBI AL AHMED AL GHAMDI Business & IT May 2006
How to increase the educational system quality in Saudi Arabia MOHAMMAD SALEH BANOUN Business & IT Jun 2006
Quality of compound rehabilitation service in Saudi Arabia ;client satisfaction ABDULKHAIR MOHAMMED MAHDY BEATTI Business & IT Jun 2006
Information technology programmes and ICT diffusion in the Gulf region: the impact on commercial law vis-à-vis intellectual property rights agreements ABDULRAHMAN A ALALI Business & IT Jun 2006
Activating the educational supervisor’s role in the light of the contemporary international trends in Almadinah Alminawara`s public schools: an analytic and field study SALMAN BEN SAUD GHWIELY AL-JABRI Education & Liberal Arts Jun 2006
The existence of the so called “transnational law” or “lex mercatoria” as an applicable law in international commercial arbitration HESHAM I. A. AL-HOMOUD Law Jun 2006
Merger & acquisition in Nigeria: a critique of law & practice JOSEPH AGBURUWHUO NWOBIKE Law Jun 2006
The economic, social and environmental benefits of desert aquaculture in the Arab republic of Egypt ABD AL-HAKIM MOKHTAR ALI MOHAMED Business & IT Jul 2006
Conservation of nature & the environment from an Islamic perspective HASSAN MOHAMMAD HAMMAD Law Aug 2006
Creating a mortagage market in Lebanon HABIB ZOGHBI Business & IT Sep 2006
Computer security and ethical hacking HAMZEH MAHMOUD IBRAHIM AL-NAERAT Business & IT Sep 2006
The Zmet approach vs traditional attitude approach in understanding and foreseeing consumer behavior buying process MARGUERITE ABED Business & IT Sep 2006
Neo-capture and international regulatory competition: the dynamics of us & UK financial sector reform over the twentieth century DOHA M. ABDELHAMID Business & IT Nov 2006
Civil liability for marine pollution MOHAMED ABDULGADER TUMI Law Nov 2006
Banking in compliance with muslim sharia practices concept, and development NASSER AL QAHTANI Business & IT Nov 2006
An investigation into the future of national stock exchanges MOHAMMED SALEH AL-SHARQI Business & IT Nov 2006
Instructed second language acquisition in the classroom context as a process of dynamic interaction LEYLA LUISA REYNAGA English Dec 2006
The professional role of the nurse: An investigation into the nurses’ knowledge and experiences of various aspects of their roles and haw they perceive those issues in terms of their practice PREM KUTOWAROO Humanities Dec 2006
Reform of Public Administration in Saudi Arabia : An Analytical Study on Obstacles of Policies of Administrative Development Agencies ABDULLAH AL-SHEHRI Business & IT Dec 2006
Strategic restructuring: its effects and relationships with organization performance MOHAMED BASIOUNY EL-SAYED Business & IT Dec 2006
Strategic planning in the field of educational administration and it’s applicability in Al-Madinah Al-Minawarah school district HOSSAM FUAD HAMZAH KHOJA Education & Liberal Arts Jan 2007
Creating a securities market in Libya GIBREEL R. ABDALLA Business & IT Jan 2007
Principles of banking MOHAMMED GHAZI ALTAWEEL Business & IT Jan 2007
Utilization to total quality management approach in developing the administrative performance of the Saudi Arabian Airlines MOHAMMED ABASS AHMED SAQER Education & Liberal Arts Jan 2007
Human resource management assignment GEORGE EDWARD TAMAKLOE Business & IT Jan 2007
Effect of culture on services nature, levels, criteria and problems in contemporary organizations ABDUL RAHMAN A. AL-MUFARREH Business & IT Jan 2007
The implication of the balanced scorecard and its implementation for the social development organizations in Saudi Arabia EMAD ABDULLAH AL-JURAIFANI Business & IT Jan 2007
A study of critical success factors of thai smes and its implications for Saudi Arabian smes KHALID A. AL-GHAMDI Business & IT Feb 2007
Oil industry and community development management: case study of selected oil communities in rivers state CAPTAIN FRANK NDUDI OKURAKPO Business & IT Feb 2007
Optimizing selected elements in the management of developmental NGOS- a case study of NGOS in Egypt AHMED MOSTAFA KAMEL LOUTAIEF Business & IT Mar 2007
Westinghouse European field services organizational performance enhancement RITA C. BOWSER Business & IT Mar 2007
Strategic studies in security, stability, and prosperity of the Arab Gulf cooperation council (GCC) states and their relationship with the west AYASH FAHRAN K. ALANAZI Humanities Apr 2007
Anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing for financial institutions ISMAIL ALI ODEH Business & IT Apr 2007
Brand and product audit as measurement instruments to ensure customer retention FOUAD EMILE CHOUEIFATY Business & IT Apr 2007
Opportunities to improve economics of Russian sea bound oil transportation KARI OSSI LUOMAKOSKI Business & IT May 2007
Leadership crisis in Islam HABIB JAAFAR Humanities May 2007
A Study of Conflict Among Nurses and Its Effect On Their Role Behaviour REDA M. HUSSEIN Humanities Jun 2007
The ethics concept and application for the nursing profession development in Saudi Arabia MADIHA ABD EL MEGID Business & IT Jun 2007
Determinants and consequences of poor mental health in especially vulnerable populations MEENA CABRAL DE MELLO Humanities Jun 2007
The effectiveness of global service organization of Honda to support local automobile service activities in Asia and Oceania Region CHAIYANT SAVANACHAI Business & IT Jun 2007
Attentional and mnestic transverse disorders in children: an information-theoretical perspective DANIEL J. GERHARD Humanities Jun 2007
The Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations 1990-2000 prospects of peace, facts and analysis MHD. ALI AL HALABI Business & IT Jul 2007
The politics of sports in wartime: An historical study HUMOUD F. AL-SHAMMARI Education & Liberal Arts Jul 2007
Quality Components for the Purposes of Competitive Marketing Effectiveness for Small Enterprises with Particular Reference to Ethnic Minority Businesses of Afro-Centric Background: The Significance of Identification and Analysis S. S. ABEL-OPURUM Business & IT Jul 2007
Corporate governance & family enterprises HALUK ALACAKLIOGLU Business & IT Jul 2007
Labour Administration and Human Development: Tackling Poverty by Enshrinement into the Labour Policy LOCARY KUPONANDISHE HLABANU Business & IT Sep 2007
ICT Based Education and Training in Technical Vocational Education and Training in the Developing World: The Cases of Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon FARID A. A. HEGAZY Humanities Sep 2007
A Legal Approach to Diffusing Religious-Based Tension in States Where Political and Religious Affairs are Intertwined AMI M. ANGELL Law Oct 2007
Food Handling system-robotic WALID RASHID Business & IT Nov 2007
Role of continuing professional development in health care development Dr. YASSER AHMED EL HADDAD Business & IT Nov 2007
Impediments of implementation of e-government in Saudi Arabia MABROUK ABDULLAH AL MESFER Business & IT Dec 2007
Install a dynamic hypotheses testing tool to an organizational wide score cart reporting system: The case study of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority in Egypt MAGED ABDELRAHEEM AHMED ELEMARY Business & IT Jan 2008
Variables affecting job satisfaction of employees working in public and private travel agencies operating in the tourism sector in Egypt KHALED EL MANAWI Business & IT Jan 2008
Kuwait prisoner of war and iraq international responsibility according to the international law and the united nation`s resolutions HUSSAIN MALALLA Law Jan 2008
A new vision of Co-Curricular activities at secondary schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Current Situation and future provisions RASHEED ALSHOBROMI Education & Liberal Arts Jan 2008
The ICT main structure in the creation of an information society, and its economic and sociological uses in Lebanon JULIAN NOBLE Business & IT Jan 2008
Corporate governance for a sound Lebanese banking sector ASSAD A. KOSHAISH Business & IT Jan 2008
Internet Services in KSA: Why are Providers in the Kingdom Closing Business or Merging? FAHAD SAMIR ALHINDI Business & IT Jan 2008
How to develop and implement a more effective and efficient integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Program: An ideal strategy for a local company in Saudi Arabia that represents a portfolio of the most famous & prestigious brand names in the fine jewellery & high-end watch industry worldwide SAMIR K. EL-ASSAAD Humanities Feb 2008
Evolution of the human diet: from Darwin`s `natural selection` rules to present-day diet choice YVETTE KHALIL Humanities Mar 2008
Globalization, Business management and the developing nations; threat or opportunity? ADEYINKA A. BIBILARI Business & IT Apr 2008
Human Resources Development in Oman ABDULLAH HAMOUD AL HOQANI Business & IT Apr 2008
Towards a professional development program for sustainable educational leadership NEVINE AHMED ABDELKHALEK Business & IT May 2008
Kuwait prisoner of war and Iraq international responsibility according to the international law and the United Nation`s resolutions MAJOR GENERAL HUSSAIN MALALLAH Law May 2008
Quality management system implementation in projects-gas company case study HANY HAROUN AHMED Business & IT May 2008
Project risk management for construction of the petrochemical plants HISHAM HAROUN AHMED OSMAN Business & IT May 2008
Management & Development in Libya EL MABROUK MOHAMED ALY ZAHMOUL Business & IT May 2008
The effectiveness of career guidance program to improve awareness level for intermediate school students in Dammam, Eastern Province Saudi Arabia MOBARAK ABDULHADI ALDOSARI Humanities Jun 2008
The international relations` impact assessment on modernizing auditing and on the efficiency of performance auditing of external funds that affect the national economy and the external debt FATMA ABD-EL HAMEED ABD-EL HAMEED KANDIL Business & IT Jun 2008
A study of costumer relationship management (CRM) & data mining system in e-business and training organizations MOHAMED ADEL ABDEL-KADER Business & IT Jun 2008
Income management AHMED SALEM BASURAIH MACC Business & IT Jun 2008
A study of customer relationship management (CRM) & data mining system in E-Business and training organizations MOHAMED ADEL ABDEL-KADER Business & IT Jun 2008
An evaluation for the performance of the private companies cleaning the government premises in Saudi Arabia SAFAR NASEH ALBAGAMI Business & IT Jul 2008
The privatization: a comparative legal aspect & implementation RUDY B.M. HUTAGALUNG Law Jul 2008
Administrative decentralization, it`s impact on the delegation of authority in the civil service, the role of the taif agreement in the development of the Lebanese government services: a case study SAMIR A. FARID SALHAB Business & IT Aug 2008
Influence of Subconscious mind on undertaking decisions in negotiation process PIOTR PRZEMYSLAW JEDNASZEWSKI English Aug 2008
International Relations, National Interests and Foreign Policy Making in the Middle East: Egypt in the 1970s SAMEH M. ABOUL-ENIEN Humanities Oct 2008
Internet and the Network Economy in the Arab countries RABIH KISSERWAN Business & IT Dec 2008
Unified accounting system for the Saudi consolidated electric company in the western region in Saudi Arabia MOHAMED HAMED ATTA Business & IT Jan 2009
The role of Human resource Management in merger Integration (Income and Sales tax Authority Merger-Egypt) Dr. A. Monkez Shaker Business & IT Jul 2010
Political Immunities and Privileges in International Law ESSID M. A. EZORGHANI Law May 2011

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