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The AUOL prospectus provides you with full details of all our undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, admissions, fees, accreditation and academic standards, as well as general information on the University . Also included is all our contact details should you wish to get in touch, and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to studying at AUOL.

There is also an application form included in the prospectus, enabling you to easily apply for a distance learning degree with AUOL. A full version of AUOL Online Prospectus (PDF; 0.8MB) can be downloaded in PDF format. Please be aware that you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. The PDF file can be read online, saved, or can be printed out (please save paper and only print out the parts you may be interested in if necessary).

Please note

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the University prospectus is accurate at the date of publication, all matters that it covers are subject to change from time to time both before and after a student has registered, in the light of changes in regulations or in policy or of financial and other considerations.

The University does not intend by publication of its prospectus to create a contractual or other legal relationship with applicants, registered students, their advisers or any other persons. The contents of the prospectus are reviewed regularly and you can obtain a printed update supplement from the registrar. The information given on our website is updated periodically. Enrolment becomes effective on receipt of the tuition fee (or first installment thereof , if paying by installments) Within seven days of receipt of this an official Certificate of Registration will be forwarded to you, and your university- accredited supervisor will be appointed Your supervisor will provide you with guidance, advice and feedback throughout your program of study.

AUOL Study manuals for all modules taught at the university will be sent to you by your supervisor (at £50.00 per PDF module). On registration the student is deemed to have accepted the university’s Rules and Regulations. All documents submitted and photographs provided will become university property to archive , dispose of , publish or use in any way the university sees fit. The student also confirms that he//she has read the published prospectus and accepts all its provisions, especially but not exclusively, those related to accreditation , recognition of degrees and university status.

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