AUOL Degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate) can be awarded by obtaining the required credits thorough the completion of the following programmes of study:

Research and Dissertation (Thesis)

If you chose to obtain your degree by research and by writing a dissertation a University accredited supervisor will be appointed and he /she, will communicate with you, oversee your work and generally guide you throughout your program of study on a chapter by chapter basis until the thesis is ready for submission to the Graduate Dissertation Committee (GDC).

Viva Voce (Oral Defense of Thesis)

The call for a viva voce examination (oral defence of the thesis) is entirely at the discretion of the GDC. However if your supervisor has approved your work, the GDC would normally go along with his/her recommendation without the need for a viva voce.

Program Duration

No minimum statutory period. Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of the dissertation. The degree will be conferred on the recommendation of the GDC. Minimum mandated registration period for the program is one year.

Directed Coursework Study

The American University Of London degree programs are modular, allowing both flexible and specialized study. Credits are gained by the successful completion of each module. Assessment is mostly undertaken through Directed Coursework Study -assignments and written presentations under the supervision of a University Accredited course coordinator/supervisor who is a specialist in your field of study.

  • Study manuals, prepared by members of the AUOL Faculty, are available to students for most modules, and covering the entire syllabus of the program (from £25.00 per module + P&P).
  • In addition to AUOL modules your supervisor will also provide you with a list of all textbooks, reference, research papers, publications and all material relevant to your course of study.


Exams (written assignments) for most courses are taken on regular and ongoing basis throughout the course in your own home country. When an assignment is successfully submitted (with a pass mark of 65%) you move on to the next module, and so on until all modules are completed.

Program Duration

Degree will be conferred upon successful completion of program of study Recommended duration for the accelerated Bachelor programs is 18-24 months, and one year for the Master’s.


“……….In order to facilitate the research and supervision of candidates for higher degrees, AUOL has a number of highly qualified professors, specialists in various fields who are located in many countries all over the world. This makes for easier communication between student and supervisor. In the event a suitable supervisor is not available in the candidate’s country of residence an AUOL accredited supervisor will be appointed. A candidate may also recommend a locally based supervisor and if said supervisor is approved by the University he/she will be duly appointed for the duration of the program*………. Local Supervisor’s professional fees are payable by the student.” From the 2007-2009 Prospectus

*A CV of the supervisor must be sent to the university for appraisal. Once approved, a supervisor will be appointed as a member of the university’s Worldwide Adjunct Faculty for the duration of the program of study.

APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning)

Applicants over 25 years old and with a minimum of 3 years professional /business experience may apply for the Accreditation of their Prior Experiential Learning based on their documented experience in Business; the Military; the Diplomatic Service; Membership of Professional Associations or Institutes and/or Professional Career.

What is Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)?

Applicants who lack formal entry qualifications, but who have relevant practical experience in the field of the proposed study may also be offered places, or given exemptions from preliminary parts of a course. Before applying for a place on your chosen program of study, you may wish to consider whether you are able to provide evidence of prior experiential learning appropriate to your study. Provision of such evidence may be used for the purpose of entry onto a program or credit towards an award. You may be able to demonstrate learning, which has occurred in the past by way of experience gained by taking short courses or professional on the job training.

APEL is based on professional and work experience. Such experience may include paid or unpaid work, courses attended, leisure pursuits and hobbies any of which may count towards your intended qualification, or allow you to study at a higher level than anticipated. The registrar would require a summary of the learning experience you want to be credited in the form of a written portfolio, testimonials or other forms of evidence.

Academic credit is given for what you know, regardless of when, how or where you acquired the learning. Your experiences, however, must be well documented in your CV and supported to demonstrate all gained knowledge.

Program Duration

Degree will be conferred upon approval of the candidate by the Evaluation and Admissions Council. No minimum or maximum registration period is required.

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