Admissions Process

Rolling Admissions

The American University of London operates on a rolling admissions basis. It is thus possible to advise applicants of their acceptance within one-two weeks from receipt of their application. AUOL will accept an application at any time of the year, from anyone living anywhere in the world as long as the applicant has prior academic and/or professional experience that can be considered suitable for the awarding of university credits.



• If you wish to submit an application for admission to the university , paper copies of the application documents listed below are required: Please send by registered post or by courier.


• If you wish to expedite your application , you may submit scanned copies of your application documents by email, ( please attach bank proof of payment of fees – see bank details below).

No application will be considered unless accompanied by the application fee or proof of its payment.


1. A completed, signed and dated application form ( a hard copy of your online submission
2. Copy/ies of your certificate/s. Not required for Bachelor’s applications. Please do not send originals)
3. A current CV This is important in order to assess the no. of APEL Credits you may be entitled to )
4. Two passport size photographs. (one of which will be used for your University ID card)
5. Application Fee of £50 (fifty pounds sterling. Cheques ,international drafts etc payable to the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF LONDON )

Please note

No application will be considered until all above documents are received at the Registry. Please send by registered/recorded mail.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be required to pay your fees in full or by installments. Upon receipt of your tuition fees or deposit we will send you your registration documents:

  • Official Certificate of Registration
  • ID card
  • Letter of appointment of supervisor

Undergraduate Admission

Entry requirements for the Fast Track bachelor degree programs by distance learning:

  • a High School certificate or its equivalent OR
  • for candidates over 21 years old, relevant experience in the field of study

Postgraduate Admission

Entry requirements for all graduate degrees:

  • a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent OR
  • for candidates over 25 years old a minimum of five years work experience in the applicant’s area of expertise. Applicants should submit a resume’ (CV) containing name and address of their employers, dates of employment, job title and a short description of duties

Proficiency in English Requirement

Non-Native English speakers must have a good command of both written and spoken English, the language of instruction at AUOL. The University does not require external English tests such as TOEFL, GMAT Cambridge Proficiency, etc. However, students who have a TOEFL score received during the last three years, of at least 500 (or 173 for the computerized TOEFL test) can be awarded a number of transfer credits towards their degree when applying for programs in the School of English.

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