President’s end year report

AUOL: Welcome to 2021

Written by Michael Nimier, MA, PhD (Lond.) – President AUOL

At the end of every year, it is our custom at AUOL, to review our achievements as well as to look toward the future.

Since the founding of the American University Of London in 1984, AUOL has remained faithful to our passion of training our students to excel in their fields of endeavour and to achieve full international exposure and focus, with the view to serving their societies on becoming leaders in their chosen professions.

Throughout 2018 we explored new ways of enhancing our education techniques and we made remarkable achievements in many areas whilst adhering to our mission statement of maintaining excellence in distance learning,
In 2018 new faculty members joined our 300 plus adjunct professors worldwide, all highly qualified men and women who hold the highest degrees in their areas of specializations and who supervise programs in our six schools of Business & IT, Law, Area Studies, Humanities, Liberal Arts, and Languages.

Students, Faculty, And Friends!

A new year is upon us. Let us all commit to going forward into this exciting new era with dedication, courage and persistence. We will not -and have never been -daunted by problems and obstacles. To us at AUOL they are mere challenges to overcome.

Finally, I sincerely wish our Faculty and students worldwide a happy and successful New Year.

New Programs For 2021

We have recently set up an English on line program for international students to assist them in developing and perfecting their use of the English Language. We have also added two important minors in the study of History & Politics of Marxism and Fascism (two ideologies that wreaked havoc throughout the last two centuries) and which are often overlooked by most universities. The School of Business and IT has also introduced a minor in AI: Artificial Intelligence in a changing world.

In 2018, we signed an agreement with California Southwest University to offer students double degree programs in a multiple of disciplines. Our new program of combined major plus minor is an innovative approach in graduate education and furthers our mission of producing students with a diverse educational perspective.

For any information on the new programs, please contact the registrar.


In 2018 six graduates received the coveted Dean’s List Award for graduating with honours (summa cum laude- grade point average of 3.90 to 4.00 on a 4.00 scale)

AUOL also established the “Class of 2019 Alumni Scholarship” to celebrate the University’s 35th year anniversary. Qualified recipients will be exempt of 25% of their total fees on being admitted to their chosen programs.

At AUOL we not only provide our students with knowledge, skills and the prospect of good jobs, but also encourage all-round growth in ability, knowledge, and most of all independent thinking.

Whilst we celebrate our achievements of 2018, we look forward to 2019 to scale even greater heights in all fields of education.

As early recognisers of the global village in which we live, AUOL has admitted international students from over 83 nations around the globe. We provide a platform for students of different backgrounds to communicate and work with one another. In 2019, we will further encourage the communication and integration amongst all our international students.

About Michael Nimier

Dr. Nimier started his undergraduate studies in Pharmacy at the Universita’ di Roma- Italy. He subsequently gave up Pharmacy to pursue his passion in political science at SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London where he was awarded an MA in Area Studies (Middle East) and a PhD in Politics. His doctoral adviser was the late Prof P J Vatikiotis. Upon graduation he was recruited by McKinsey and co, the American Management Consultants as an Associate Research analyst where, among others, he participated in studies on the reorganization of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural affairs in Saudi Arabia and the AL-Rashid Trading company. Subsequently Dr. Nimier worked as an independent consultant in international education specializing in the Middle East. In 2002 he was nominated Vice president and subsequently President of the online American University of London. He has lived and worked extensively in the Middle East. In addition to English, French & Italian he is also a fluent Arabic speaker.