Established in 1984, AUOL is an independent international university exclusively involved in Online and Distance Learning education (in other words an “open” university ). We are not a British University (nor are we in any way associated with the University of London) and we do not award British qualifications.

AUOL is oriented to those individuals not seeking licenses or credentials required from governmental accrediting institutions. AUOL has not applied for accreditation with any American regional association nor with similar British official agencies.

As applying for accreditation is voluntary, candidates applying for admission to AUOL  need to enquire before enrollingas to the accreditation “status” of a specific program or school. Since its founding in 1984, “AUOL is fast becoming an acknowledged leader in Distance Education” * Our students work very hard in order to obtain their degrees. If your intention is to “buy” a degree, beware !  This university is not and has never been a degree mill and we will instantly reject such applications . Our main emphasis has always been  to offer  the highest quality of education to our students.   And that is why since its founding , degrees conferred by AUOL have been internationally recognized by the private sector and accepted by multinational businesses as well as by colleges and universities for further study. AUOL has sought and obtained  recognition  from independent agencies specializing primarily in distance learning. * Article in “European CEO” Jan-February 2005 on European Business Schools

Validation of AUOL Degrees and Equivalency Certificates

AUOL has an agreement with a California-registered educational institute for the issuance of Equivalency Certificates to AUOL graduates.

SET : Student Evaluation of Teaching

How do we know whether we are helping our students learn?

Student evaluation of teaching (SET) is a measure of a supervisor’s achievements in teaching, but it is effective as one form of measurement among many.

Just as students should be assessed often and in more than one way over the course of a program of study, our teachers are assessed in a variety of ways via student feedback. In addition, student feedback should be offered during the course of a module as a way of helping course supervisors gauge how a student is doing throughout his/her study of a module.

AUOL’s course evaluation is an electronic questionnaire, which requires a written or selected response answer to a series of questions in order to evaluate the instruction of a given course.

It is a means to produce useful feedback which our supervisors and faculty can use to improve their quality of instruction. The process of (a) gathering information about the impact of learning and of teaching practice on student learning, (b) analyzing and interpreting this information, and (c) responding to and acting on the results, is valuable for two important reasons.

  1. They are beneficial because supervisors  can review how students view  their teaching methods, thereby improving their instruction.
  2. The information can be also used by course co-ordinators  to make formative recommendations (e.g., identify areas where a faculty member needs to improve)

Typically, these evaluations are combined with results of student’s test scores to create an overall picture of teaching performance.

All our SET  questionnaires end up  with two vital questions to the student:

  1. What aspects of the course/module  do you 1) enjoy and 2) not enjoy?
  2. What would you like to see done differently in the lesson?