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President’s Biography

Prof Michael Nimier, MA, PhD (Lond.)

At age 17 Michael Nimier was awarded a scholarship by the OPUS DEI, to study Pharmacy at the Universita’ di Roma in Italy.  The pursuit of his compelling area of interest however took him to the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)-  University of London where he was awarded an MA in Area Studies (Middle East) in 1973 and a PhD in Politics, 1977. His doctoral adviser was the late Prof P J Vatikiotis.

Dr Nimier has been involved in international education as a teacher, administrator and writer for over forty years.

In 2005 he was nominated Vice President and subsequently President of the American University of London.

He has had a numerous articles published in journals and newspapers around the world. He lived and worked extensively in the Middle East and, in addition to French, English and Italian, he is also a fluent Arabic speaker.

michaenimier77Michael Nimier, SOAS – University of London – PhD – May 1977

(Award Ceremony in the prescence of Her Majesty, The Queen Mother)

Notable Political Works

Nation Building in Islamic Societies

1. Nation Building in Islamic Societies

Published in the UK 2014.



2. Islamic Salafism in the 21st Century 

Publication date: Summer 2016