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Newsweek – The American University of London is fast becoming the acknowledged leader in Distance Learning Education

This article appeared in NEWSWEEK magazine, in June 2008.  Eight years later it is as relevant today as it was then and distance learning has become a widely accepted method of education.  The American University of London (AUOL), still remains at the forefront of this style of education, and with over 130,000 graduates worldwide continues to provide an outstanding education.  AUOL is committed in continuing to further push the boundaries of distance learning in pursuit of giving their students the best qualifications possible and so the best life/work opportunities.


We bring the university to you! The motto of the American University of London since its foundation in 1984.  Like time and tide, globalization waits for no man, woman or organization.  In this day and age where fast changing horizons form part and parcel of today’s corporate landscape, business organizations must be ready to embrace change and to turn it into their competitive advantage.  Companies worldwide need to continuously update their knowledge and managerial skills.

Due to time constraints, more and more companies find it expedient to encourage their young executives to pursue professional education through distance learning.  This makes for tailored solutions that will enable rising company executives to continue in the service of the organization whilst at the same time, offering them the opportunity of pursuing professional qualifications.

The MBA has now become the most popular post graduate qualification in the world, as it offers a much wider range of options.  It aims to build on the foundations of work experience, thus enabling those who participate, to move to a higher level of responsibility on the corporate ladder.

Inevitably therefore, most reputable universities offer courses by distance learning, where no campus attendance is required.


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