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Diploma in Marketing

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DM0032Diploma in MarketingSchool of Business & IT

What You Will Learn

The Principles of Marketing has many definitions and causes little confusion with the people who work in this field. In this course we will try to gather and record the areas of marketing that meet two goals. First, we will include the information that is most likely to be used by a typical marketing employees. Second, we will talk about principles of marketing that are true principles, that is, that are less likely to change fundamentally in the foreseeable future. In choosing material to cover, we will try to consider the fact that most people who learn this material will have their primary professional responsibility in marketing. Therefore, we will try to focus on material that will be most helpful to those who will work primarily in the marketing area. If you learn this material and become a marketing person at least it will help you work more effectively with those who are in marketing and improve your ability to be a better marketing person.

Who should attend this course?

1- Marketing members,
2- Project team members,
3- Who want to establish a solid command of marketing management concepts and techniques.
4- Experienced marketing managers who want to formalize their marketing management knowledge and sharpen their current skill sets.
5-Individuals interested in entering the field of marketing management or whose goal is to take marketing management as Professional.

Scope & Schedule

1- The DIPLOMA OF MARKETING program consists of two parts
2- 12\3hrs sessions in-house classrooms with related case studies
3- Each participant must pass a post course 15-20 multiple choice questions after each individual part
4- Participants will receive their DIPLOMA OF MARKETING upon successful completion of program requirements.


This diploma will be accredited and attested by AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF LONDON (AUOL) with a attestation of MININSTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS\ENGLAND and higher council of education \London.


Part one: Introduction

1- What is marketing and how does it differ from sales, advertising, and promotion?
2- What is Marketing Management and what do product managers and marketing managers do?
3 – How do we identify and understand markets?
4 – Why do we study buying behavior in Marketing and what have we learned?
5 – How companies manage marketing research
6 – How do companies decide what products and services to market?
7 – Specific Challenges of Marketing High Technology
8 – How is the pricing decision made?
9 – How do producers get their products and services to their target customers?
10 – What are the options for promoting products and services?
11 – Creativity and Marketing
12 – What is the international market and why is it important?

Part two:  Applications: Exploration of marketing application: Case studies 

13 – Basic exploration of creating marketing programs: Planning
14 – Basic exploration of creating marketing programs: Identifying  the target market for a new product or service
15 – Basic exploration of creating marketing programs: Establishing a way to get the product or service to the target market
16 – Basic exploration of creating marketing programs: determining price
17 – Basic Exploration of creating marketing programs: developing the right product and service at the right time and place for the right target market
18 – Basic Exploration of creating marketing programs: Developing International Programs
19 – Basic Exploration of creating marketing programs: Marketing High Technology
20 – Basic Exploration of creating marketing programs: Developing the Right Promotion Program
21- Basic Exploration of creating marketing programs: the Zen Character of Learning about Marketing and Customer Focus